The Cat Collects

Released 26.07.19


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About 'The Cat Collects'

The Cat Collects is an 8 track mini-album, featuring tracks written between 2018 and 2019.

There's a statue of a goddess which has been dumped beside a train track in South London, surrounded by a pile of other discarded items. I have passed it on the train pretty much everyday since 2015 and that inspired two of the songs on this album, 'The Same' and 'Guardian of Junk'. The latter is actually assembled from train samples which I recorded whilst passing the statue one time. 'Verdigris Bones' was recorded in one take, I played the piano part and recorded the vocal at the same time as a demo. The plan was to record it again and re-sequence it and add other instruments, but I couldn't quite capture the feeling of that first take, so I just left it as it is.

'The Cat Collects' is about passing from the living world into the spirit world, with the cat as a guide between the two. It was written in tribute to my Dad and my Grandad who both passed in 2019.

'The Living Ones' I wrote immediately after reading 'I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream' by Harlan Ellison, as

I wanted to record the strange mood it had put me in. 'Guests' is a song about Onryō (vengeful spirits) and the knocking was based on a time I had drifted off to sleep very briefly and heard a really loud on my bedroom door. There was no one there but it just felt so loud and real, it woke me back up with a jump. 'The Border' is the crossing between life and death and is also me messing about with my electric violin.

Reviews of 'The Cat Collects'

"caught between the competing worlds of the living and the beyond, these seven silver seances gather like lost dreamers on the bridge between, forgotten and neglected, they huddle in groups conspiring mischief and eerie..." (Read more)


Mark Barton - The Sunday Experience

"Imagine, if you will, a flickering curtain of lilac light fluttering in mid-air. You take a breath, close your eyes, and pierce the veil. On the other side, a fantastic realm reveals itself, where nothing is as it seems and nothing like anything you’ve ever seen before. There are marmalade skies and turquoise sun. The clouds are shaped like dragons while tigerlilies nip at your heels. The dead, they rise, for the dead move quickly in this realm..." (Read more)


J. Simpson - Forestpunk



"One in which we roam around inside a mystical beautiful garden, one in which the cat rules the scepter, goes for a well willing explorer mode to get everything sorted out in this obvious paradise that hangs between dreams and reality. Every corner is filled with beautiful flowers, warm strings of light, bright cozy melodic extractions and the voice that spreads itself out like a humbling godmother that oversees the peacefulness of this remarkable hunting ground for this sweet spirited feline..." (Read more)


Kai Nobuko - Yeah I Know It Sucks

"Drifting in a seeping cantabile sigh throughout this witchery spell of spooky misty songs and graveyard crypt sonnets is a subtle backing of feint melodies and stripped electronica – think Ultravox marooned on the Forbidden Planet or, an early Mute Records vision of 70s British horror soundtracks (Amicus, Hammer, British Lion)..." (Read more)


Dominic Valvona - Monolith Cocktail

"The Cat Collects is a wonderful example of spooked-out alternative nostalgia, all hypnagogic atmospheres and ghostly murmurs in a murky web of reverb. The title track is like the spinning carousel from the opening titles of some nightmarish 70s kids show, and Lowther's voice is barely there, a little girl whisper on the margins..."

(Read more)


Joe Banks - Shindig! Magazine

"Expressive as it dissipates to reform elsewhere in your consciousness, “Verdigris Bones” is sonic pointillism, thriving between imagination and reality..."(Read more)


The Autumn Roses

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