The Blow - Volume 4

Released 29.06.18

Split Album: Side A - Jodie Lowther / Side B: A.R.C Soundtracks

Digital download & Cassette

Label: Front & Follow

Available to download at Bandcamp:

About 'The Blow - volume 4'

In 2016, Front & Follow very kindly asked me to be a part of their ongoing tape series ‘The Blow’ in which two
artists take up residence on a side of tape each, collaboration also being encouraged between the
two in any way they see fit, there are absolutely no rules. The tape features myself and A.R.C

I started working on the songs that make up my side of this cassette in late 2016.

I am inspired very much by the seasons, and I feel that this collection of songs although started in the Autumn,

actually became very much a ‘Spring’ themed collection to me.

There is a sense of nature, landscape and far-away worlds within these songs, although the nature is
eerie, claustrophobic and constructed.


Some specific examples are:

‘The Dream of the Melting Plane’ which conjured up to me a lysergic psychic cornfield, the place
where The Empress of the tarot might reside. Warm and gloopy harp and melting siren vocals.

‘The Trees’ which was born from the idea of a mechanical forest, with distorted chirping birds.


“Delirium Sea” which is a metallic, industrialised sea shanty.

In regards to process, I layered and manipulated sounds almost patchwork over time until I felt the
tracks said everything I needed them to say. This was sometimes initiated by a vocal recording, or
sometimes by an instrumental or sample recording. I feel that working on tracks at all times for me is an intuitive
process and sometimes an effect or manipulation of one sound within the composition sparks a lot
of new ideas about the atmosphere that is being created, and the song develops and becomes
something very different. The tracks just keep growing and developing in this way.

I collaborated with A.R.C Soundtracks on the final track ‘The Occasional Sleeper’, which was
comprised of separate ambient soundscapes/textures sent to me by A.R.C, which then I layered and
manipulated, and added my vocals and some instrumentation. I felt when working on this track that
it all made me think of a sort of gothic horror ambience, like tip-toeing around a sleeping machine in
a castle that occasionally opens an eye and stares. I sent A.R.C some solo treated vocals of mine for
use on their own side 'Taken Up & Dissolved'