Skeleton Moon

Released 26.11.17


Digital download & CDR

Available to download at Bandcamp:

"As wintry, haunting and enigmatic as its title, Jodie Lowther’s third solo album is a beautifully understated, perfectly realised collection of hushed, spectrally reverberating and intimate soundscapes..." (Read more)

Will Pinfold - Echoes and Dust

"Jodie continues to favor cavernous reverb, which adds to the spooky, wintry full moon on the album artwork. As you experience the twenty tracks you move from a crystal clear night and a full moon to clouds slowly moving in with snow flurries for a floating and soothing ambient experience, all the while being lured by Jodie’s siren-like wordless singing into oblivion..." (Read more)

Henry Schneider - Exposé Online

"The styles range from the dreamy ambiance of the title track and “Night Tide” to “Katabasis” where the vocals drift along the sonic planes in tandem.  Then from tracks like “Listening To Spring” where it suggests an earthly tone and almost field recording- like element to “Lushizang” which possesses a whimsical, lullaby-like feel and a desire to lose oneself in a stargaze..." (Read more)

William Zimmerman - Noise Beneath The Snow

"She manages to bewitch us with her kind assets in music form, traveling from one kind psychic kind of track into another. They wave in each other as if they had been made in a singular row, all superglued to entertain you for the best potential time in a full on setting of glittering little stars and a pretty sight of the all seeing moon. It’s a pretty experience that she had magically created in the years 2016 & 2017. They might be short on their own, but they form a lengthy dream escapade that has all the space to make a busy person to feel calmed down to its core, relaxed, chilled out and filled with seemingly lots of love..." (Read more)

Kai Noboku - Yeah I Know It Sucks

"There’s also a subtle feeling of unease that lies just below the surface on various points of the record. This is possibly most noticeable on the awe-inspiring closing track, “No Space Between,” which features an eerily echoing, unaccompanied vocal that sings with both grace and a haunting sorrow. Lowther’s powerful performance here sounds as though she was channeling a profoundly wounded heart whilst deep within a cave of ice. To say the least, it is a moving end to an already striking album..." (Read more)

KH - Record Crates United

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