• Jodie Lowther

News 02.01.21

Hello all and I wish you a Happy New Year!

A few bits and pieces I didn't post up around Christmas, so putting them all here in one place.

Glass Gardens

I released my latest seasonal song 'Glass Gardens' on the 21st December, and it's available here on Bandcamp as a free/pay-what-you-want digital download:

Martin Newell's Oddcaste

Many thanks to Martin for featuring said seasonal track 'Glass Gardens' on his festive oddcaste!

Phantom Circuit

My song 'Waltz of the Night Orbs' appeared on the always fantastique 'Phantom Circuit' - you can check that out here! Thanks Phantom Circuit!

Urban Mutant

My album Roseberry was a featured highlight of the year on the recent Urban Mutant broadcasts, thank you Urban Mutant for your support and also for the previous guest mix invitation! (you can find details of this in mu previous post):

Hopefully goes without saying but all radio/podcasts I mention on here (Oddcaste/The Seance (see prev post)/Phantom Circuit/Urban Mutant) are always worth a full listen to, a lot of care and attention goes into them and you will hear always hear something new & interesting and worthy of lending your ears to :-)

Cover Artwork for Cleaners From Venus - Flowers of December

I created a piece of art for the new Cleaners From Venus release 'Flowers of December'. I felt particularly inspired by Victorian greeting cards and also postage stamp artwork.

Fun fact! I absolutely love stamps, especially GB Christmas stamps from the 70's & 80's.

You can check out the release here:


I think that's all for now, but more news will arrive soon I'm sure!

Jodie x