• Jodie Lowther

Jodie Lowther Guest Mix for Urban Mutant

I was recently asked to contribute a guest mix to the Urban Mutant radio show, aired on Hollow Earth radio in Seattle. It was broadcast live on the 18th November, but you can still hear it via Mixcloud here:

My chosen tracks were:

Vangelis - Rachel’s Song

Ataraxia - The Unexplained

After Dinner - A Walnut

Brian Eno - Spirits Drifting

Cabaret Voltaire - Double Vision

Bo Hansson - Lothlorian

Cocteau Twins - Amelia

Coil - Dark River

Quimper - Thin Theatre

Sagor & Swing - Mire Mare

Jon Brooks - Neap Tide

S.McLoughlin/A.Cooper - Winter

Collection D’Arnell-Andrea - Anton’s Mind Getting Blind

Jodie Lowther - Speaks of Spirits

David Cain - November

Broadcast - Teresa, Lark of Ascension

David Vorhaus - Creation