• Jodie Lowther

EP's Galore!


I should probably have updated this a bit sooner, as I've just realised I last updated in December and I've had plenty of stuff out since.

Since my last update, I have released three EPs and also a re-release of my side of tracks from The Blow volume 4, which was originally released via Front & Follow.

The three EPs are:

Weird Dreams, released in March:

The Flowers, released in April:

From The Blue Hour, released in May:

The Blow volume 4 / In The Trees:

Anyway, yes! Please check them out!

Free download or if you fancy chucking some coins my way, then please know it's always appreciated, but there's absolutely no obligation to do so, it's just always good to have my music listened to. Obviously a lot of people who are reading this will have already downloaded the above since release, and I am very grateful as always, and just want to say thank you very much! I really appreciate your support for my sounds :-)

I've still also got a fair heft of CD's of my older releases on Bandcamp, so if you would like a copy please have a look.

In other news! Since my last update, I have created artwork for a couple of releases, being 3am Again's last EP 'Look Back And It's Gone':

And more recently the artwork for the two Cleaners From Venus releases, 'Cleaned Up Collectibles volume 1 & 2':

I think that's all for now! More new artwork and releases coming up, so I'll try and remember to write a new blog entry nearer the time.

Thanks again & best wishes,

Jodie x