• Jodie Lowther

First of Jan

So here it is January 1st 2020, hello from this side then :-)

Today I'm working on the website more, just adding the album artwork I've done over the last decade. I still need to add the rest of my music and also the videos I've done, so please bear with me.

I feel like I wanted a new website as I've got all of my stuff all over the internet, quite scattered, so it's nice to consolidate it all in one place. So if someone asks me what I do, I don't get confused and mumble something about boring admin day-job stuff and can instead proudly go "I do all this stuff! Here's my website!" or something like that. Which I always forget to do in real life. I'm trying to be a bit more confident now though, new years resolution and all that, so here we go!

Here's all my stuff!!

Jodie x