• Jodie Lowther

Happy New Year

It is December 31st 2019 today, so I must wish you all a very happy new year for 2020. Thanks to everyone who has supported my music and art this year, I really do appreciate it very much and I hope to properly dive into it all the more within the year to come. I hope you all have a reflective yet hopeful new years celebration, whatever you decide to do. I myself will be staying in, eating a delicious curry and playing board games!

In 2020 I am hoping to continue work on a new album, which has been on and off within the last few months (actually I planted the seed of an idea in 2018 for it), basically I've got some sketches and ideas. Just need to incubate that all a bit more and let it ferment.

A few of you have enquired about the release of the Phantom Circuit session from October of this year. This is forthcoming, I think January 2020 I will put this up on the Bandcamp. In the meantime, you can still hear it as part of the original Phantom Circuit broadcast here. If you liked what you heard alongside the session, please do continue to tune into Phantom Circuit for each new show, it's brilliant.

Also, I will be pressing some more CDRs for sale on my Bandcamp. This is an in-house job, I design and print these myself so I only ever really do them in small batches, however I've had a few people ask me about copies of 'Skeleton Moon' in particular. So yes, new copies of all albums to come early 2020. I may even press some 'The Cat Collects' CDRs.

Anyway goodbye for 2019 and see you all in 2020!

Jodie x

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