Released 28.10.13


Digital download & CDR

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About 'Klepsydra'

In 2013, I was recording a lot of unaccompanied singing into my phone, and I decided that I

wanted to do something with it, as the singing was always wordless, spontaneous and felt to me like an instrument to that could be manipulated further. I also at the same time wanted to express myself in blog of some sort, so decided that rather than writing I would record very short spontaneous songs (almost like sketches), sometimes with additional samples and instrumentation added and sometimes very minimal, and put them up on Soundcloud each day as a ‘sound blog’. This was very enjoyable to me and people were very supportive of what I was doing. The tracks from this became the majority of my first album Klepsydra.

The album features a mix of home recorded samples and found sounds, owls, vocal improvisations, makeshift percussion, electronic instruments, computer generated sounds, harmonies, and a ton of reverb.