Circles & Holes

Released 02.04.16


Digital download & CDR

Available to download at Bandcamp:

About 'Circles & Holes'

Circles & Holes was recorded over 2014/2015. The premise for Circles & Holes was that I wanted to record something akin to a library music album, with short pieces again, but also something that would benefit being recorded onto tape. I wanted it to sound warm and overly fuzzed up, the opposite to the usual wintery sound I favour. I wanted it to sound warm, humid and sticky, something that reminded me of a bad fever dream summer. The smell of rotten fruit in the air and flies everywhere, decay and heat. Later on, upon reading Bruno Schulz's short story 'August' from 'Street of Crocodiles' I realised that this perfectly summed up to me very much the feeling I was trying to put across with this album. There was also the loose theme to me of circles being full, equal to life, and holes being equal to death, empty and vacant, and as such I positioned each song on the album as a circle or hole. Life or Death. 

The cassettes have since sold out but I have also released this on CD-R, and it's also still available

as a digital download. I may run some cassettes again at some point.

Reviews of 'Circles & Holes'

"With Jodie’s Circles & Holes it’s clearly a case of her guiding you through this wondrous collection of holes and circles in which every peek through such a hole or circle is one that shows something new, but always warm and safe; Little microscopic dreams of wonder that should make anyone’s day into a much more magical one..." (Read more)

Kai Noboku - Yeah I Know It Sucks

"A collection of 20 short experimental sound sketches, spanning 34 minutes, reminiscent of the cassette culture. Each piece is unique and abstract, some with rhythmic electronics, others with dark spooky soundscapes or unidentified scraping sounds. Occasionally a bit of melody and Jodie’s wordless singing will peek through her electronic curtains..." (Read more)

Henry Schneider - Expose Online

"I found Jodie Lowther. I feel pulled out further by her “Lamia.” Her new album, Circles & Holes has not been out very long. She is one who knows what is out there..." (Read more)

Mouser Bowen - Mouser

"A ghostly parade of fractured musical carousels spiriting their way through the twilight. Perched between the eerie and the ethereal, here playful apparitions (the gloopy school yard nursery rhyme ‘the wintertime quadrant’) dissolve into sepia gloamings to re-emerge as bowed ghost lights (see ‘el-ahrairah’ – a kind of distant Fever Ray visitation buried in some enchanted fog) and strange shadowy manifestations..." (Read more).

Mark Barton - The Sunday Experience

"Twenty tracks in length, “Lamia”, a lost ghost’s mournful call and “El-ahrairah”, a clandestine communication from one subconscious to another are two, and beautifully wistful..." (Read more)

The Autumn Roses

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