I’m Jodie Lowther, a musician, singer, songwriter, producer, illustrator, designer & video artist from the UK.

In all of my art and music, I am mostly inspired by dreams, surrealism, psychedelia and horror.

I first started writing, playing and recording music when I was around eight years old and have pretty much 

written, played, recorded and produced music ever since. I have been involved in various bands and projects throughout the years, most frequently with Quimper (Johnny Vertigen's musical project), which I occasionally contribute vocals and create artwork and videos for.


My main focus is on my solo musical project, and I have so far released five albums under

the name Jodie Lowther, aswell as contributing to various special projects such as 'The Blow vol 4' 

for Front & Follow and the 'Phantom Circuit Session' for the Phantom Circuit radio show. 

Please check out the 'Albums' menu for more information on all of these, and

also my 'Bandcamp' page where you can listen to and download my music. 

In terms of my illustration and design work, this has also been part of my life since childhood and I currently work on

both personal artwork and also I enjoy creating album artwork for other musicians and bands.

I work in both traditional media and digital. You can see examples of my illustration work on the 'Illustration' page.

also enjoy working with video and have created numerous music videos for artists, most recently

The Cleaners From Venus. I tend to work with moving illustrations/collage and also stop motion.  

You can see examples of my video work via the 'Video' menu.

I am now currently taking on digital art commissions (album cover artwork, posters, t-shirt design etc.).

Please get in touch via my contact page if interested and we can discuss further. 


Thanks for reading all that!

Best wishes,